Welcome to Bed & Breakfast Bij het Veen


A warm welcome to our accommodation, brand new and built entirely by Mart. We are quite proud of that!

On this page you will find our house rules, we will appreciate that you respect them. In addition, there are various manuals for devices in the accommodation. If there is an unexpected problem, you can always contact us.


We hope you have a very pleasant stay!

Kind regards, Mart and Stephanie.


PS: Coffee and tea are unlimited and free to use, just like the welcome present on the dining room table upon arrival. The drinks and snacks in and on top of the minibar must be paid for if they are consumed, instructions for this are on top of the minibar.

You can contact us directly via the buttons below.

General House Rules


Check-in: 3:00 PM
Check-out: 10:00 am

Park in the designated parking space, drive up the driveway and then turn left at the B&B sign. Parking space is indicated on the street, in front of the green shed.

Please note!: The driveway must remain clear due to public right of way, please take this into account.

When you arrive the keys are in the lock of the gate. This key ring contains the keys to the gate and the accommodation. We request that you always lock the front door and gate when leaving the accommodation.


Surveillance cameras
Security cameras have been placed outside the property. These cameras record images of the surrounding areas 24/7.

These surveillance cameras do not record images of the accommodation's garden. The images from these cameras are not used for anything, only if something needs to be checked.


Kitchen and bath linen
In connection with the environment, we provide 1 item of linen per type per 2 nights. If this is not sufficient, please let us know. Then we exchange the dirty ones for clean ones. Please indicate this via the contact form above.


Depending on the season, we have a single or double duvet on the bed. Depending on your preference, you can remove a duvet from the pillowcase or add a duvet. You will find the storage bag under the bed. Please tuck in the duvet here or take out an extra duvet.


Coffee and tea
We have a large stock of coffee and tea including creamer and sugar. If this is not enough for you, we kindly ask you to purchase this yourself at the supermarket around the corner.

The neighbors are always taken into account. The music will not be too loud and there will be no music or noise outside or inside after 10 p.m.

Name: Bed & Breakfast Guests Wifi
WW: Welcome2023

Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation, but smoking is permitted on the terrace. Please throw away cigarette butts in the ashtray, not on the terrace.

Hot tub
The hot tub can be used at your own risk. Enjoyment after 10:00 PM is allowed, but without noise or music. No soap/food/drinks in the hot tub and please always put the cover back on.


Sunbeds Outside
Under the sofa in front of the bed are the cushions for the chairs on the grass.

Visits from third parties are not permited


If you need a doctor, you can go to the nearest general practice:

General practice Eisenga & Poorts

Heemskerkstraat 1
7887 AA Erica

Order food
Delivery people cannot always find you, so it is preferable to pick up food yourself and otherwise clearly state that you must be called as soon as they arrive at the driveway. We are not responsible for this.


When leaving, we kindly ask:

‍• Air conditioning, lights, TV and pellet stove off

• Please empty the refrigerator

• Clean the oven after use

• Dishwasher on

• Dispose of waste at the large container outside the B&B gate

• Collect the dirty laundry in the laundry basket

• Key on the outside of the garden door.

• ON/OFF: on / off
• 5 minutes start-up time
• Mode: Ice symbol = air conditioning
• Fan speed: I = low fan speed / III = high fan speed

‍• Always close the large fence gate
‍• Park in the relevant parking space.
‍• After 10:00 PM, keep the volume low and be considerate of the neighbors.
‍• Do not feed animals or allow them into the apartment.

We have a boiler for hot water. As a result, the hot water may run out after a lot of water and need to be heated again.

Hot tub
‍• If you have booked the hot tub, we will fill it with fresh water before arrival, but it must be heated before use via the wood stove on the outside.

‍• Always put the lid back after use.
‍• It is forbidden to use soap or oil in the hot tub.
‍• The hot tub heats up via the wood stove. It is therefore normal that you have to refill wood every now and then.
‍• The hot tub costs €25 per night, if this has not yet been paid when booking accommodation* please leave the total amount on the dining table when checking out. Or pay via the QR code on the minibar.

*Booking.com includes the hot tub in the amount
*AirBNB does NOT include the hot tub in the amount, please contact us or pay via QR code
*Natuurhuisje: the hot tub can be booked as option when booking. If you did not opt ​​for a hot tub when booking but would like to use it, please send us a message
*Bijhetveen.nl: the hot tub can be booked as option when booking. If you did not opt ​​for a hot tub when booking but would like to use it, please send us a message


If you need to log in again, please send us a photo of the QR code that is displayed on the television. We will then log in for you as soon as possible.

Every morning after refilling the pellets, please also clean the burner tray of the stove. The ash piston is available in the B&B, the plug can be plugged into the socket behind the fireplace.